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Vet a Contractor

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Vet a Contractor – Compare Companies

Are you confused by all of the “conflicting” claims and information about foundation repair? We understand because we talk with people every day who are confused. So we have a suggestion – ask for independent information.  And you can use our handy checklists to compare foundation repair companies.

Online Research

One of the easiest and economical ways to vet your contractor is to purchase a report from the credit bureau Experian. It only costs $13 and they will give you details about a contractor’s credit rating, bonding, insurance, civil judgments, bankruptcy, licensing, criminal background, and liens. Go to http://www.contractorcheck.com .

Talk to Structural Engineers

Structural Engineers are the ones who are qualified to analyze and discuss your foundation problems. They have been educated and trained to help business people and homeowners with independent and expert opinions. Remember, hire an independent structural engineer to receive an unbiased opinion.

Talk to Former Customers / Read Testimonial Letters

This suggestion takes effort and not all contractors are willing to share customer names and contact information. And many customers simply don’t want to be bothered by phone calls from strangers.  All of this is understandable.

Therefore the next best option is to read testimonial letters and reviews. You can find them all around the internet – Google Plus, Yahoo, Yelp, Manta, CitySearch, and many other websites can offer you these reviews / testimonials.

By the way, Dawson has 600+ testimonial letters online. Please read a few.

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Why we Don’t Like Pressed Piles

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We Don’t Like Pressed Piles

Concrete Pressed Piles broken during Hydraulic Installation

Concrete Pressed Piles that Failed during Hydraulic Installation

Most foundation repair contractors in Texas use some form of a Pressed Pile method of foundation repair because it is fast, cheap, and very profitable for the contractor. At Dawson Foundation Repair we don’t like pressed piles and we have never installed them. We install Bell Bottom Piers.

Since a home is usually the largest investment a person or couple may make in their lifetime, we feel that homeowners would usually choose a permanent foundation repair method over a temporary one. Unfortunately, most homeowners don’t understand the basic differences between these two repair concepts.

The Reasons we Don’t Like Them

1 – Structural Engineers don’t like pressed piles either – A-1 Engineering in San Antonio and Austin refer to this method as “useless” and “temporary”

2 – Pressed Piles are an unproven repair method

3 – Pressed Piles can be driven at a skewed angle and there is no method to confirm vertical installation

4 – The concrete cylinders cannot resist uplift

5 – The homeowner’s foundation can be seriously damaged by the hydrolic jacks that are driving the concrete cylinders into the ground

There are a number of other reasons that we don’t like Pressed Piles and you can read about their advantages and disadvantages on our website. This method is “cheap and fast” but is that what homeowners really want for their homes? Do you go to a doctor or dentist who advertises his services as “cheap and fast.” Remember, you usually get what you pay for.

Visit our website to read some of the 600+ online testimonials from our customers.

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