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In accordance with the FTC guide lines concerning use of endorsements and testimonials in advertising, please read the following information regarding the Testimonial Disclaimer of Dawson Foundation Repair.

The viewer / reader of www.DawsonFoundationRepair.com and other related and owned websites and their content should view the information as a general guideline. Should the viewer / reader feel it is appropriate then a consultation with their own advisors (legal, accounting or other) may be warranted.

The testimonials on our websites, wwww.DawsonFoundationRepair.com and other related and owned websites, are received by mail, email, and by hand at the job site.  They are the opinions, comments, and experiences of our customers about our products / services. However, they are individual opinions and comments and opinions and comments do vary. We do not claim that these testimonials are typical of the opinions and comments of all of our customers and the testimonials are not necessarily representative of all of those who will use our products / services in the future.

The testimonials on our websites, www.DawsonFoundationRepair.com and other related and owned websites, are verbatim except for deletion or removal of the customers’ names, addresses, and contact information. In sum, the whole message received from the writer of the testimonial is displayed as a scanned image (written letter) or text (from email message) and are the actual words of the writer / reviewer.

Dawson Foundation Repair is not responsible for any of the comments, opinions, or reviews that are posted on our websites, our Google Plus pages, our Facebook page, or any other written or electronic source. Dawson Foundation Repair provides testimonials on its websites for the purpose of allowing customers to share their experiences with others about our company and our products / services.

Testimonial Submissions: As a consumer / user of Dawson Foundation Repair products and / or services you are giving us permission to reprint / reproduce your testimonial by your submission of your testimonial to our office or representative.  You are also agreeing to the following: 1) you have composed / written and submitted the testimonial and not someone else, 2) the reproduction, scan, reprint and use of your testimonial will be at Dawson Foundation Repair’s discretion and without any compensation, 3) Dawson Foundation Repair has the right to use your testimonial into perpetuity, and 4) Dawson Foundation Repair may use submitted testimonials locally, regionally, nationally, or globally and such use may be made in any current or future media platform.

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