Foundation Repair in Fulshear, Texas

Fulshear is a small city located in Fort Bend County, Texas. It has a total area of 8.15 square miles. There has been a significant amount of growth in home building and population in the decade of 2010-2020. This growth in homes built has exposed the fact that most concrete slab home foundations are being built to minimal standards – what we refer to as “minimally functional” foundations. We have seen a rapid uptick in the need for foundation repair in Fulshear, Texas.

The population was a little more than 1100 after the 2010 census, which was more than a 50% increase from the census ten years earlier. However, the estimated population in 2015 was 5900, which demonstrates a very rapid growth rate in five years.

It is approximately 33 miles west of downtown Houston. The zip code for Fulshear is 77441.

This large exterior brick crack was caused by soil movement.
This home owner is trying to keep the cold air and bugs out of his house with duct tape.

The Problem – Clay Soils

The clay soils in east and southeast Texas have unique properties that are problematic for concrete slab foundations. These soils will expand in volume when wet and shrink in volume when dry. This annual and seasonal process of expansion and contraction exerts tremendous forces on rigid concrete slab foundations. When a home’s slab foundation is constructed with a minimal thickness, with minimal steel rebar, then the results are predictable – fractured and broken slab foundations within a few years.

The Solution – Highest Quality Foundation Repair

The solution for concrete slab home foundations that are fractured or broken (settlement or upheaval) is to provide a strong support structure underneath the foundation that will resist the forces of soil movement.

The Highest Quality Foundation Repair available in Fulshear is the Bell Bottom Pier repair method. It is a Proven and Permanent solution that has 100 years of success. You can read more about the different foundation repair methods by clicking the following link. Different Foundation Repair Methods


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