Foundation Repair in Richmond, Texas

We utilize the Highest Quality Foundation Repair in Richmond – Bell Bottom Piers. This method is far stronger and can bear far more weight than the cheaper common concrete cylinders (pushed pile method). Bell Bottom Piers cost more because they requires more concrete, more steel rebar, more labor, and more time to complete an installation. They are Proven and Permanent.

Upheaval and settlement are two forces that move concrete slab foundations producing cracks in exterior brick walls and other parts of the house.
The concrete slab foundation has settled due to the shrinking or contraction of the clay soils underneath. The result is damage to the exterior brick wall.

Bell Bottom Piers are monolithic, that is, they are constructed as a single large unit. They have 3 long pieces of steel rebar in the shaft and 2 mats of steel rebar in the cap. The 22 inch diameter bell at the foot of the pier provides 13 times more surface area than the concrete cylinders used by push pile companies. That surface area provides tremendous stability as well as load-bearing capacity. A Bell Bottom Pier can support between 5 and 20 times more weight than a column of concrete cylinders. And the Bell Bottom Piers also resists upheaval during period of wet weather. All-in-all these advantages result in a proven, time-tested, permanent solution for slab foundations that require support and stability over the long term.

Movement of the home's slab foundation often results in interior sheetrock cracks around doors and windows.
Sheetrock cracks around doors and windows are common when the slab foundation is moving.

The quality of the installation is dependent on the quality control exercised by the work crews. The cavity that is dug by the crew member must meet specific specifications. The box and the tapered cone at the bottom of the box, the depth of the pier, the size of the bell bottom, and the vibration of the concrete to eliminate air pockets are all part of the overall quality of a Bell Bottom Pier. All Bell Bottom cavities are inspected by a third party engineering company to confirm the quality specifications. This is a key feature of this repair method. We know the quality and specifications of the cavity before the concrete is poured.

The cheaper and common pushed pile method is based on HOPE – the foundation contractor has no means to inspect his work before or after the installation of the piles. The contractor can only HOPE that the concrete piles were installed vertically without any deviation due to tree roots, rocks, or piles that are damaged during installation. We know it happens because we have dug a few out of the ground to prove that fact to homeowners.

Need More Information about Foundation Repair in Richmond ?

Richmond, Texas is located in Fort Bend County and numerous homeowners and commercial building owners have needed foundation repair in the past. The reason is because the entire southeastern portion of Texas is covered with clay soils, and clay soils move. It is estimated that 60% of all homes built on expansive clay soils suffer foundation damage. Clay soils create problems when they absorb or lose water because their volume changes dramatically. This will cause the soils to uplift (expand) or to settle (shrink). The difference in this vertical movement can be as much as nine inches and it is accompanied by horizontal movement also. This seesaw movement creates tremendous stresses on a rigid concrete slab foundation. Usually the result is one or more cracks in the foundation and accompanying damage to the exterior and interior of the home or commercial building. Cracked exterior brick, cracked interior walls, bulging floors, and doors that won’t close are all warning signs of foundation damage.

Richmond, TX is a small city in the southwestern portion of the Houston metro area. The total area of the city only amounts to 3.9 square miles of which 5.58% is surface water. It is bounded by Sugar Land and Rosenberg.

We use the Bell Bottom Piers method of foundation repair exclusively. Why? Because Bell Bottom Piers are obviously the most time-tested and proven repair method available. You can compare foundation repair methods and see the major advantages of Bell Bottom Piers verus other methods.

Frequently Asked Questions about Foundation Repair are available on this page.

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Dawson Foundation Repair will obtain all necessary building and engineering permits to begin a foundation repair job in Richmond. A building permit and an engineering report are required in this city. You may call the city building inspection department at 281-232-6871 for more information.

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