Houston Building Codes and Foundation Repair

We would like you, the homeowner or property owner, to know that the ONLY foundation repair method mentioned or discussed in the Building Codes of Houston is the “Drilled Pier with Bell” method, also known as “Bell Bottom Piers.” No other foundation repair method is mentioned. You may read these 4 pages of “Policy – Repairs and/or Leveling Concrete Building Foundations” by clicking the link below. Below are a few excerpts from the 4 relevant pages concerning the Houston Building Codes and Foundation Repair.

City of Houston Public Works Department Code Enforcement Division
Brief Summary of Design Requirments of Foundation Repair in Houston Building Code



a. Drilled footings shall be spaced . . . (refers to Drilled Piers)

b. At least one test boring, . . . (refers to a soil test)

c. All footings shall be drilled to an approved bearing soil. (refers to an adequate depth to stable soil for foundation support structures)

d. Drilled footing shafts shall preferably be nine inches . . . (refers to diameter size of the drilled shaft)

e. Bells for drilled footing shall have a minimum diameter of twenty inches (20″). (refers to the size of the bell bottom foot)


a. These no. 4 reinforcing bars shall be . . . (refers to the number, standard size and quality of steel rebar to be placed in the drilled concrete pier)

Dawson Foundation Repair believes that “Drilled Piers with Bell,” also known as “Bell Bottom Piers,” is the only foundation repair method in the state of Texas that will provide a stable and permanent solution. Cheaper repair methods exist, but they do not offer a proven, time-tested, and permanent solution. Since your home or property is a valuable asset, do you want a proven and permanet solution or something that is far less?

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