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Since 1984 Dawson Foundation Repair has repaired all types of concrete slabs in Texas using the superior Bell Bottom Pier method of foundation repair to provide you, the customer, with a problem-free and long term solution. We provide our customers with a Home Foundation Inspection and information about the warning signs of foundation problems. And we provide a complete explanation of what causes soil and foundation movement and how Bell Bottom Piers provide support and stability for a long term solution. We also provide our customers with a detailed diagram of his/her house that illustrates the areas of foundation damage.

Get To Know The Key Team Members of Dawson Foundation Repair

Martin Dawson is the owner of Dawson Foundation Repair.

Martin Dawson

Founder and Owner
Martin Dawson is the owner of Dawson Foundation Repair which he founded in Houston in 1984. He studied business at High Wycombe College of Technology and Art in the United Kingdom.
Michelle Chiasson is the office manager for Dawson Foundation Repair.

Michelle Chiasson

Office Manager
Michelle Chiasson is the office manager for Dawson and is responsible for the overall operation of the office. She is the primary point of contact for all scheduling of installations and leveling.
Richard Morant is the Production and Installation Manager for Dawson Foundation Repair.

Richard Morant

Production and Installation Manager
Richard Morant is the Production and Installation Manager and has been with us for 10+ years.
David Meyer is the Leveling Supervisor for Dawson Foundation Repair.

David Meyer

Leveling Supervisor
David Meyer has been the Leveling Supervisor for Dawson Foundation Repair since 1995.
Francisco Torres is the Installation Supervisor for Dawson Foundation Repair.

Francisco Torres

Installation Supervisor
Francisco Torres is the Installation Supervisor and has been with Dawson Foundation Repair since it was founded in 1984.
Janet Morant is the Accounting Manager for Dawson Foundation Repair.

Janet Morant

Accounting Manager
Janet Morant is the Accounting Manager and has been with us for 9+ years.
Ed Thomas is the lead inspector for Dawson Foundation Repair.

Ed Thomas

Lead Inspector
Ed Thomas has worked with Dawson Foundation Repair for 28 years and is one of our most experienced foundation inspectors.

Your home is one of the most important investments you will make. Foundation damage caused by expansive clay soils can endanger this investment. Dawson Foundation Repair provides the homeowner a superior method of house leveling at a highly competitive price. We also perform excavation to repair under slab plumbing leaks and raise homes out of flood prone areas. Just speak with one of our satisfied customers or read some of the hundreds of testimonial letters to see why we don’t rely on expensive forms of advertising such as television, radio, newspaper or even Yellow Page advertisements. We have built our business on referrals and word of mouth.

Our reputation speaks for itself. Your home is not just another job site to us. It will be treated with the utmost respect. The concrete slab under your home’s foundation will be supported and leveled by a carefully trained staff under close supervision.

Our excellent reputation is based on the quality of our work. This web site details the step-by-step foundation repair process that concerns your home. We invite you to visit any of our job sites and to call our offices for references from former clients, structural engineers and remodeling companies. Did we mention the hundreds of testimonials we have received over the years? We also have many insurance companies and structural and engineering consultants who refer us to their clients.

We use the bell bottom pier method to repair your home foundation cracks. You may ask “what about other methods of foundation repair?” Many homeowners are given estimates by companies that sell the pressed piles method. That method was made available to us and we chose to stay with the Bell Bottom Pier method exclusively. In our experience, the majority of local structural consultants doing real estate inspections (including a foundation inspection) prefer the house leveling method we use. The pressed piles method, even with the “improvement” of attaching the piles together (pressed piles with inserts), is not a satisfactory alternative for our company or our customers. Other methods simply don’t offer proven performance over the long term. The Bell Bottom Pier method is the ONLY way to repair concrete slabs and eliminate home foundation problems permanently. It has been time-tested and proven over and over again.

If you detect warning signs of foundation problems or cracks in your home, we will be happy to talk with you about foundation repair methods and provide you with a Home Foundation Inspection. Then, if you still have any doubts about which method is best, we suggest that you consult an independent structural engineer before you make a decision. Should you have any questions or wish to make an appointment, please contact us TODAY!

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*We offer foundation inspections and written cost estimates for homes involved in real estate transactions. However, since the motivations of sellers and buyers in a real estate transaction are different, we charge $400 in these cases. Should either the seller or buyer engage us to perform work on their home foundation then we will discount the work by $400.

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