The Job Site: Steel Rebar and Concrete Pour

All Bell Bottom piers installed by Dawson Foundation Repair in Houston and other Texas cities include Steel Rebar. The Steel Rebar is custom cut and tied together for each pier before being inserted into the pier holes. The steel rebar will give each Bell Bottom Pier maximum “sheer” strength and permanency. The steel rebar is installed during the pouring of the wet concrete.

Steel Rebar is part of the Bell Bottom Pier

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The steel rebar is assembled and ready
to be cut to the proper length.
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Since each job is different, the steel rebar must be cut to match the depth of the soon-to-be formed bell bottom pier.
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Shorter lengths of steel rebar are tied together to be placed in the upper portion or cap of the pier.
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Two of these rebar mats will be placed in the upper portion of each bell bottom pier.

The Concrete Arrives

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As soon as the concrete arrives, the men begin to load it into wheelbarrows.
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Depending on the depth, each bell bottom pier will require multiple loads of concrete.

Pouring the Concrete

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The supervisor inspects the concrete and then inserts the steel rebar into the shaft of the bell bottom pier.
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Steel rebar is being put into the upper portion of the bell bottom pier.

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