The Job Site: Curing the Concrete

Time must be allowed for concrete to cure and gain strength after it is poured. This is the longest stage of the foundation repair and house leveling process. In warmer climates such as Houston the curing process is usually 10 -14 days for the concrete to fully harden. At that point it is ready to bear weight.

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This is the second of two steel rebar mats that are inserted in the freshly poured concrete for strength. Additional concrete is then poured on top to finish the pier.
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After the final load of concrete is poured, a worker will smooth the top of the pier and form a level surface.
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This concrete has cured (dried) for 10 – 14 days and is now able to support heavy loads.
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This concrete has cured for approximately ten days. Before the jacking and leveling process begins, the workmen will remove any debris.

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