The Job Site: from Beginning to End

One of our professional foundation repair crews

The foundation repair process in Austin, Dallas, Houston and other cities in Texas is performed by well trained and professional crews, which is the secret to the success of your home foundation repair. Each crew’s supervisor works closely with the homeowner to coordinate the work. This section of our web site includes videos and photos that will help you understand the step-by-step repair process.

A typical house leveling or foundation repair job takes approximately three weeks to complete. Most of this time is waiting for the poured concrete to cure. Our experienced and professional crews work extremely hard to ensure that this process is as quick and painless as possible and take great strides to save plants, protect lawns, and clean up after the job is finished. The job itself is broken into various stages.

The Stages Of Foundation Repair

  1. Soil Core Test: A 15 to 18 foot soil core test is done to determine the needed depth to reach stable soil. The bell bottom piers must be located in stable soil to provide a permanent solution. Without a soil core test the foundation repair contractor is simply guessing the correct depth for installation of concrete piles or piers.
  2. Boxing: Once we have determined the proper depth to drill the holes we follow the earlier plan for the placement of the piers. Then a hole (the box) is dug by hand until deep enough to allow drills to be brought in and drill to the proper depth.
  3. Drilling and Belling: Holes are dug with a special drill until stable soil is reached. The depth of these holes depends on the soil conditions of the site. A previous soil core test will give the supervisor the correct data for the depth of the holes.
  4. Steel Rebar and Concrete Pour: The pier holes are now filled with wet concrete. Steel Rebar is inserted before or during the pouring of the wet concrete into the holes. The steel rebar is reinforcement for the concrete and will give it greater strength and permanency.
  5. Clean-up: The job site is then carefully cleaned and the dirt from the excavated holes is hauled away. Considerable attention is given to the clean-up because every client appreciates an attractive home and yard.
  6. Curing: The job site is then carefully cleaned and the concrete is left to cure (dry) and harden for approximately two weeks. This step is critical and gives bell bottom piers strength and stability that far surpasses that of pressed pilings.
  7. Leveling: Once the concrete has properly cured, the home is jacked and leveled as close as possible to its original grade.
  8. Under Slab Plumbing Repairs: If necessary, plumbing repairs will take place after the home has been properly leveled.  Our experienced crews will excavate where needed for the plumbing company performing any necessary repairs – which may include replacing older cast iron or concrete pipes with non-biodegradable PVC pipes.
  9. Mud Pumping: When all repairs are complete, any voids under the foundation will be filled with a concrete and mud slurry that, when dry, will provide support between the soil and the home’s foundation and help prevent future cracking.

Quality Control

The final aspect of the foundation repair process is Quality Control. To ensure every aspect of your foundation repair job is completely correctly our job supervisors have Quality Control procedures that must be followed. There will be two supervisors, one for the installation of the Bell Bottom Piers and one for the home leveling. You may review our quality control procedures with the links below.

Bell Bottom Pier Quality Control

Home Leveling Quality Control

Video Introduction from the owner,
Martin Dawson


Things To Note

  •  We will thoroughly clean the job site at the end of each phase.
  • We notify homeowners at least two to three days prior to each step in order to schedule the house foundation work for convenient times.
  • For any questions about job progress, please call our installation superintendant for installation questions or our leveling superintendant for leveling questions at 713-668-2110.
  •  Please remember that rainy days are days that we cannot work. This may change our work dates.
  • Last but not least, don’t forget to water all plants that have been moved (daily in the summer months).

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