An Overview of Huntsville Texas

Our service area includes foundation repair in Huntsville, Texas. Huntsville is one of the oldest cities in Texas having been founded in 1835. It is also known as the home of Sam Houston, the former President of the Republic of Texas and former Governor of the state of Texas. Huntsville is located in Walker county and has a population of approximately 40,000 as of 2010.

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Huntsville Soil Characteristics As They Affect Foundation Repair

According to the United States Census Bureau, the Huntsville has a total area of 31.2 square miles. A majority of this is land area with a little more than 1% being surface water area. The city is also rests on the large Gulf Coastal Plains and includes part of the eastern piney woods region of the state. This geographic area was formed over thousands of years by the deposits of sediments. These sediments contain a significant amount of clay soils that contribute to the foundation repair problems in Huntsville. Clay soils have the ability to swell and shrink in volume with changes in moisture content. When clay soils are wet or very wet they will expand or swell in volume. When these same clay soils are dry or very dry they will shrink in volume. This swelling and shrinking occurs throughout the year and puts tremendous stresses on concrete slab foundations. These stresses can result in foundation uplift, collapse, or cracking.

Service Areas For Home Foundation Repair In Huntsville Texas

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