Meadows Place and Foundation Repair

Meadows Place is a small city in the southwestern portion of the Houston metro area. It is located near Sugar Land and has a population of approximately 5000 people. It was originally established as the Meadows Municipal Utility District in 1967.  The city incorporated in 1983 to eliminate the possibility of annexation by the city of Houston.  Meadows Place is known for the variety of home design and the better than average public schools.  It is considered to be a quiet and comfortable family community.

Foundation Repair in Meadows Place, Texas depends on solid Bell Bottom Piers with large feet for support

Recently Meadows Place has received recognition for its water reuse project whereby “used” water is diverted to a man-made lake in the city center.  The lake is used for both recreational purposes as well as irrigation for the city’s park and other city facilities.

In addition, Meadows Place have converted the entire city to “smart” water meters which can be read by radio frequency. The associated software can track each customer’s water usage 24 hours per day and can alert customers if there appears to be a water leak or other abnormality.


Meadows Place is a small city and the U.S. Census Bureau states that the city consists of 0.9 square miles of land area and no water area.  The next census may have to update their data to account for the man-made lake in the center of the city.

Meadows Place is located on the Gulf Coastal Plain as is the entire Houston metro area.  The Gulf Coastal Plain is very flat and the soil consists of unconsolidated clays, clay shales and poorly-cemented sands. This is unfortunate for homeowners because clay soils, and their alternating cycles of swelling and shrinking, are the primary cause of concrete slab foundation damage. There is a significant need for foundation repair services throughout the Houston metro area including Meadows Place.

If you see any warning signs of foundation damage, such as interior or exterior wall cracks, you may request a free inspection from one of our experienced representatives.

More information about Meadows Place can be found by clicking here.

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