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Foundation Repair and Plumbing Repairs are closely related. There are a variety of plumbing problems that a homeowner may encounter. Many plumbing problems are the result of significant soil movement. Other common problems are caused by tree root invasion and deterioration of the pipes due to age and material failure. If the home is over 40 years of age it probably has cast iron and/or concrete plumbing pipes and these pipes are at the end of their useful lives. Cast iron pipes and/or concrete pipes should be replaced with longer-lived PVC pipe. Regardless of the cause, the homeowner may need to repair or replace the under slab plumbing system after having the home’s foundation repaired.

After leveling a home foundation there can be unavoidable plumbing problems.  The repair of  plumbing problems should be done before filling voids under the foundation with mud pumping. Dawson Foundation Repair can provide you with expert under-slab excavation (trenching and tunneling) and ensure that these plumbing services are conveniently scheduled. The photos below illustrate a typical replacement of the drainage/sewer pipes underneath a home foundation.

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Hydrostatic Testing of the Plumbing System – part 1

Hydrostatic Testing of the Plumbing System – part 2

foundation repair houston
A trench is dug to expose the current concrete drainage pipe.
foundation repair houston
This 45 year-old concrete pipe was fragile and leaking in several places.
foundation repair houston
Trenches are dug for the new PVC pipe.
foundation repair houston
A 3′ x 3′ tunnel is dug underneath the foundation so the plumber can access all drainage pipes.
foundation repair houston
The plumber must take lights and tools deep under the home to complete the work.
foundation repair houston
The plumber installs new PVC pipe which has a much longer life than cast iron or concrete pipe.
foundation repair houston
This trench is waiting for the installation of the new PVC pipe.
foundation repair houston
Another example of a freshly dug trench.

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