The Job Site: Boxing

Before the boxing and digging begin, a 15 to 18 foot soil core test is performed to determine the correct depth for your new bell bottom piers. It is imperative that these piers are secured in stable soil and the soil core test will establish the depth needed to reach stable soil. Without a soil core test the foundation repair contractor is simply guessing the depth needed to reach stable soil. Each pier location is carefully marked off and a hole (the box) is created deep enough for motorized drills to be brought in. If piers must be placed in the interior of the home, special care is taken to avoid unnecessary damage or mess.

Soil Core Samples being Drilled and Tested


Photos of Boxing
Our crews arrive in the early morning to unload the equipment from the trucks.
The crew arrives early in the morning and unloads the equipment from the truck(s).
A supervisor will review the work plan and make assignments to the foundation repair crew.
The supervisor reviews the repair plan
before the digging begins.
This worker is marking the area where a hole will be dug for an interior Bell Bottom Pier.
The location of an interior pier is carefully defined.
This worker is removing a rectangular section of the concrete slab so the digging can proceed.
An opening is made for the placement
of an interior pier.
This working is creating a box, or boxing the hole, which is the first stage of the digging process.
Material and soil removal is a
labor intensive process.
This worker is finishing the box which will give workers access to drill the shaft and bell for the Bell Bottom Pier.
The soil is lubricated with water to
make the digging easier.
Workers will use water as a lubricant to assist in their digging of the pier hole.
This hole is almost deep enough for
the motorized portion of the dig.
Large volumes of soil are removed from the hole and will be replaced by steel rebar and concrete.
Sometimes the soil removal is a
tight job.

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