Engineering Information Relating to Home Foundation Repair

Independent Structural Engineers with experience in residential concrete slab foundations are the best sources of engineering information relating to home foundation repair. There are 4 popular methods of foundation repair. Below are some of their engineering reports, studies, comments, and questions. We use the Bell Bottom Pier method for foundation repair because it is best – superior by any standard. There have also been many questions about the other methods and how well they “measure up” or compare. Also below is a simple graph that clearly shows which method (Belled Shafts or Bell Bottom Piers) can support the greatest weight.

The graph at the left is from Dr. Tom Witherspoon’s doctoral research. The graph is showing the axial compressive capacity (capacity to support a structure) for the most common foundation repair methods being used in Texas.

The performance of Belled Shafts (Bell Bottom Piers) is far greater than the pressed concrete piles and pressed steel piles methods. Pressed concrete piles is the most common method used in Texas, primarily because it is the cheapest.

Don’t rely on what repair companies say or advertise. Rely on the studies and reports of highly educated and trained professionals in their engineering field.

Should you wish to read more about Dr. Witherspoon’s doctoral research you can click the link above.


Other Engineering Reports, Studies, Comments, and Questions

· Foundation Repair: Concrete Press Piles – Do they meet the Building Code Requirements?
every homeowner with foundation problems should read their engineering opinions
by, Independent Structural Engineers, San Antonio, Austin
· Houston Building Codes and Foundation Repair
city of Houston
· Under-Slab Plumbing Leaks and Damaging Differential Foundation Movements
by C. Randolph Riddell, P.E.
· Potential Heave in the Pressed Concrete & Pressed Steel Piles in Residential Foundation Construction
by W. Tom Witherspoon, P.E.
· Load Capacity Testing and Analysis of Residential Underpinning Systems in Expansive Clay Environment
by W. Tom Witherspoon, P.E.
· Points of Interest from The Witherspoon Report
(Published in the International Association of Foundation Drilling, May 2003)
· Methods of Foundation Repair
by John B. Thornton, P.E.
· Comparison of Factor of Safety between Bell-Bottom Piers and Pressed Piles
by John B. Thornton, P.E.
· MEMORANDUM (Questions about Perma-Pile System)
Texas State Board of Registration for Professional Engineers
· Pressed Pile System
by M. Lewis Coody, P.E.
by Ronald J. Kruhl, P.E.

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