This Sugar Land area home has cracks in the door frame and sheetrock due to the movement of the concrete foundation slab.

Best Sugar Land Foundation Repair Company

Best Sugar Land Foundation Repair Company Many companies claim to be the best Sugar Land Foundation Repair company but Dawson Foundation Repair is truly the best. Why? More time, more concrete, more labor, more steel rebar – a superior foundation repair method called Bell Bottom Piers. The Causes Of Foundation Movement The Fort Bend County …

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With over 50 inches of rain over two days some Houston streets and houses flooded with up to eight feet of water.

Pier And Beam Home Foundations Continue To Suffer After Hurricane Harvey

This press release describes some of the foundation problems being experienced by home owners – the fact that pier and beam home foundations continue to suffer after Hurricane Harvey. Some homes rest on a pier and beam foundation rather than a concrete slab foundation. These pier and beam foundations sit on clay soils. When Hurricane …

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Failed Home Foundations Are The Norm

Our press release of March 29, 2017, repeated our mantra that home builders in Texas build concrete slab foundations that are “minimally functional.” And in many cases they don’t even qualify for that low standard. Failed Home Foundations Are The Norm in Texas. At Dawson Foundation Repair we receive calls daily from people that own …

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Foundation Issue

Well, here we go again. Another “Minimally Functional Foundation.” This is an expensive house and it is displaying signs of foundation damage at one year of age. Perhaps these cracks are purely cosmetic but we are not optimistic because they have appeared shortly after construction and this homeowner clearly has a foundation issue. Why would …

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Dawson Was Recommended

This Houston homeowner is requesting a foundation inspection after seeing a few cracks in the floor.  He is contacting us because two of his neighbors are foundation repair referrals. The good news is that it appears from the email that these cracks are not large.  The bad news is that his neighbors have had foundation …

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Foundation Cracks in Sugar Land

Foundation Cracks will almost always become longer and wider over time. The soil movement will continue with changes in seasons.

Void under the Slab Foundation

Mud Pumping Under Foundations

Mud Pumping or pumping a concrete / soil slurry into a void under a foundation, will provide the slab foundation with additional support for heavier loads.

Foundation Problems Before Remodeling

It is a wise decision to inspect and repair and foundation issue before beginning a major remodeling job on a home.

Foundation Problems Richmond Texas

When homeowners see warning signs of foundation problems they should call us and request a free inspection.

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