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Exterior bricks cracked as shown in this Pearland house when the concrete slab foundation moved.

4 Key Questions You Should Ask of a Foundation Repair Company

Before you sign the contract with a contractor to repair your foundation, there are some critical questions you should ask in order to be assured that you are choosing a professional company that will deliver the most reliable and proven repairs for your home’s foundation. There are others, too, but start with these four critical …

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Engineering and Foundation Repair

Trusting your home to a foundation repair company requires a great deal of confidence in the company you hire to do the work. This confidence comes much easier if you have done your research and understand the technical side of how your foundation will be repaired – specifically, the engineering aspect of it. Because so …

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Home Foundation Repair in Garland, Texas

What Does It Cost to Repair a Foundation?

When homeowners suspect foundation damage, usually the fear of an expensive, time-consuming, and messy job results in pretending the problem isn’t there. In truth, however, waiting to repair your foundation can create additional problems and increased expenses. The better solution is to get the facts on foundation repair, and take action before the situation worsens. …

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Void under the Slab Foundation

Is Mud Pumping Necessary?

When a homeowner begins to look into the problem of foundation damage, several questions usually arise. At some point, the term “Mud Pumping” is likely to come up. But what is it, and is it necessary? Getting the facts is vital to making wise decisions for your home. Foundation damage largely results from changes in …

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After the house is raised a foundation wall is built to provide support and enclose the area under the house.

What Can I Do to Avoid Foundation Damage?

No one chooses to cause damage to their home’s foundation. When foundation damage occurs, Dawson Foundation Repair offers the only comprehensive and permanent solution for repair. In some cases, however, a few simple steps by the homeowner could have helped to avoid the damage in the first place. That would have saved the homeowner considerable …

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Interior sheetrock cracks strongly suggest that the foundation is experiencing stress from the movement of clay soils underneath.

What Causes Cracks in My Walls?

No one wants to see a crack in their ceilings or walls, but sometimes we do. The temptation is to say, “Oh, the house is just shifting,” but, is that all it is? Is shifting normal? What causes these wall cracks? The likely culprit is soil movement, and that’s a common challenge in Texas. Texas …

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Most foundation repair companies include a Mandatory (Forced) Arbitration clause in their contracts.

Mandatory (Forced) Arbitration

Death by Arbitration – mandatory (forced) arbitration clauses in contracts (new home sales and home repair) are NOT consumer friendly – they are a tool used to bludgeon the homeowner into submission – with little legal recourse –  read this Foundation Repair Mandatory Arbitration horror story as written by a consumer friendly lawyer.  

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