This Sugar Land area home has cracks in the door frame and sheetrock due to the movement of the concrete foundation slab.

Best Sugar Land Foundation Repair Company

Best Sugar Land Foundation Repair Company Many companies claim to be the best Sugar Land Foundation Repair company but Dawson Foundation Repair is truly the best. Why? More time, more concrete, more labor, more steel rebar – a superior foundation repair method called Bell Bottom Piers. The Causes Of Foundation Movement The Fort Bend County …

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Subsidence – Coming Soon!

Land Subsidence – a Gradual Enemy The continuing drought in California has led to accelerated groundwater pumping from San Joaquin Valley aquifers. This is nothing new for this part of California, but the intensity of the pumping during the last few years is unique. Pumping groundwater from the San Joaquin Valley began in 1926 and …

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Severe Droughts will cause significant foundation damage to homes in Texas

Are We There Yet? The Drought of 2014?

The Drought of 2014 The official beginning of summer has yet to arrive but more than 90% of Texas is officially classified as “Abnormally Dry” or worse. The summer droughts of 2011 and 2013 were brutal and caused extensive damage to homes and home foundations. What do the “dog days” of summer 2014 have planned …

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What is Foundation Failure ?

What is the definition of Foundation Failure? Our definition of “foundation failure” is when one of the following is present: 1) Doors and Windows are Non-Functional 2) Plumbing Damage 3) Severe and Progressive Damage to Framing 4) Structural Integrity at Risk Most of the damage that is seen by homeowners is damage to sheetrock (interior …

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