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Below are some of the Common Foundation Problems in other Texas cities that our clients have experienced. All of these problems have been received via email and we have added our comments to some of them where it might be beneficial.

Commercial buildings can experience the same problems as residential buildings. The cause is soil movement – clay soils that swell and shrink in volume due to changes in moisture content.

Home Foundation Problems in Wylie, Texas.

Failed Foundation Repair – It is sad to read this email. The elderly homeowner paid more than $30,000 to a foundation contractor and it sounds like the house is falling apart.

Home Foundation Problems in Chappell Hill, Texas.

Call us for a FREE Foundation Inspection.

Home Foundation Problems in College Station, Texas.

These are common foundation warning signs for a house of 30 years of age.

Home Foundation Problems in Corinth, Texas.

We service the Corinth area for home foundation repair.

Home Foundation Problems in Crosby, Texas.

Homeowners should call us before their foundation and home are in “really bad shape.”

Home Foundation Problems in Damon, Texas.

The vast majority of independent structural engineers recommend Bell Bottom Piers for foundation repair because this is the Highest Quality Foundation Repair available in Texas. 

Home Foundation Problems in Fort Worth, Texas.

Failed Foundation Repair – The cheap and quick “pressed pile” method of foundation repair has a high failure rate due to its inherent limitations.

Home Foundation Problems in Iola, Texas.

Call us today for a FREE Foundation Repair.

Home Foundation Problems in Livingston, Texas.

We serve the Livingston, Texas area for concrete slab repair.

Home Foundation Problems in Simonton, Texas.

Two inches of settlement can cause attic joists and rafters to separate.  Call us today.

Home Foundation Problems in Taylor, Texas.

Pier and Beam foundations often have drilled piers or Bell Bottom Piers for support.

Home Foundation Problems in Willis, Texas.

Patios and driveways are usually thinner than home foundations and sometimes there is no steel rebar.

Home Foundation Problems in Willis, Texas.

Based on the description give by the potential home buyer, this home probably is experiencing slab movement and foundation damage.  The potential buyer is wise to get a foundation inspection prior to closing.

This Alba homeowner should contact his home builder immediately and document every conversation with him. This is another example of the minimally functional foundations built by home builders in the state of Texas.

This Alba, Texas house is ONE YEAR old and it should NOT be having foundation problems.  The owner should immediately contact the home builder and document every conversation and contact.  This is another example of the MINIMALLY FUNCTIONAL FOUNDATIONS built in the state of Texas.

This Pearland house is sixteen years old and is experiencing common foundation issues.

We have serviced many homes in the Pearland area.  This home is 16 years old and falls within the 10 to 20 year age window where we see a vast number of foundation issues arise.

This Richmond, Texas home is showing common foundation issues for a house of its age.

This Richmond home is 13 years old and it also falls with the 10 to 20 year age window when homes begin to show signs of foundation damage.

This 15 year old house in Stafford is beginning to show the effects of repeated soil movement.

Interior cracks along only half of the house is suggesting a settlement problem.  If that is the case, the best course of action would be to install support piers around the entire foundation perimeter.

This Pearland house is sixteen years old and is experiencing common foundation issues.

This is another Pearland house with interior cracks and door problems that is less than 20  years old.

Dawson Foundation Repair offers Free Foundation Inspections and Repair Estimates for The Woodlands, Texas.

We have started to see a number of foundation problems in The Woodlands within the last few years.  We have also seen some sink hole problems.

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