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Below are more of the Common Foundation Problems in other Texas cities page 4 that our clients have experienced. We have added our comments where we thought it might be beneficial. The point we wish to make is that many homeowners in your area are experiencing foundation issues.

Dawson Foundation Repair received a majority of its new customers through referrals.

We have a satisfied customer to thank for this referral.  We receive about 50% of our new customers from referrals.

Sink holes should be analyzed by highly trained engineers with experience in sink holes.

There are sinkholes in Spring, Texas and other areas north of the Houston metro area.  In this case, we would recommend hiring a Geoengineer for a more professional opinion of the sink hole.

This sounds like a commerical building with foundation issues in Stafford.

This sounds like a commercial building.  Unlike most residential buildings, commercial building are built to higher standards to resist the soil movement in Texas.  And unlike residential home builders that are protected by mandatory arbitration clauses and other protections, commercial builders can be sued in a court of law if their concrete slab foundations fail.

This Thatcher, Texas home may have a foundation issue if the elevation is different from the east to the west side of the house.

This house in Thatcher is only 7 years old and showing warning signs of foundation damage.  We suggest that the homeowner contact his home builder for a solution.  He should document all communication with the home builder and perhaps obtain some legal advice from an attorney.

Small cracks in concrete slab foundations are normal. However, if the gap become too large it could be a warning sign of foundation damage.

This is a commercial property which typically is built to higher standards – that is, more steel rebar and a thicker concrete foundation.

We repair and level foundations with the permanent Bell Bottom Pier method.

It is always satisfying to read a testimonial from another professional contractor. We receive many referrals from structural engineers and contractors. This homeowner has some obvious warning signs of a foundation problem. When a wall bows or warps or bulges it is an indication that the foundation is experiencing uplift. The soil under the foundation has probably expanded in volume due to an excess of moisture relative to other surrounding areas. A foundation inspection with elevation readings would yield a lot of answers about the nature of the problem and the solution.

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