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Below are images of emails from Austin homeowners that illustrate the most Common Foundation Problems in Austin. We have added our comments where we thought it might be beneficial. The point we wish to make is that many homeowners in your area are experiencing foundation issues.

Home Foundation Problem in Austin, TX

This homeowner complaint seems to center on the “incoming” water, not the “outgoing” water. If the client is certain that the house needs new plumbing throughout then it should be done AFTER any foundation repair or house leveling.  The reason is that any movement of the foundation can damage under slab plumbing pipes.

House Foundation Problem in Austin, TX

This is a very common homeowner complaint and is probably due to soil movement over the life of the house. The separation of the expansion joints definitely indicates foundation movement.

Soil Movement causing foundation problem for Austin homeowner

Again, this is a very common indication of soil movement and this homeowner has multiple areas of damage.  All of the warnings signs indicate foundation damage.

Plumbing and Foundation Problem for house in Austin

The good news is that the toilet is against the back wall of the house.  So any tunneling (under the slab) would be minimal at most.  What is necessary is some trenching in the back yard to reach the damaged area.  If would also be a good idea to have a foundation inspection prior to any plumbing work because foundation leveling can damage under slab plumbing.

Home Foundation Problems and Warning Signs in Georgetown, Texas.

This is an older house so we would expect some foundation damage and the owner is definitely seeing some warning signs.

Home Foundation Problems and Warning Signs in Pflugerville, Texas.

Unfortunately, this homeowner has been having foundation problems for years.  We will give him an opinion and he may want to also ask for an opinion from an independent structural engineer.

Home Foundation Problems and Warning Signs in Round Rock, Texas.

If the wall is separating from the house then this homeowner should take action fairly soon.

House Foundation Problems and Warning Signs in Round Rock, Texas.

This is a very common complaint from homeowners. Usually the front of the house will settle when large trees are present in the front yard.  Call us for a FREE Foundation Inspection.

This Austin homeowner has an engineering report concerning his foundation cracks that was supplied by an independent structural engineer.

This Austin homeowner has wisely obtained a plumbing report and an engineering report from an independent structural engineer. That will help us determine the best course of action for the repair of his foundation and plumbing pipes.

This Austin homeowner has a major problem with a sewer pipe failure in the slab foundation.

Apparently this problem is so obvious that the homeowner can see the damage.  In these cases it is important to get the repair work done sooner rather than later to avoid further damage to the home.

This Austin homeowner has a drainage problem that is probably related to foundation cracks in his home.

This homeowner’s problem makes you wonder about the home builder that prepared the lot before building the house.  Our first suggestion is to contact the home builder and document every conversation, email, and letter.  If there is no relief from the home builder then we can inspect the house and make a drainage inspection.

A potential Austin home buyer is asking for an inspection of the house foundation and back retaining wall.

If it is obvious that the retaining wall needs to be replaced then we can help the house buyer with an estimate prior to purchase.  We will also inspect the foundation for any signs of stress or damage.

Austin homeowner is seeking a free inspection and estimate for his foundation repair.

Absolutely!  We offer the Highest Quality Foundation Repair method in the state of Texas. Our warranty is lifetime without any clauses or Mandatory Arbitration that would limit your legal rights.

This Austin home is experiencing some type of movement with the concrete slab and asking about potential foundation repair.

We would be happy to offer a Free Foundation Inspection and Estimate.  Call us today.

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