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Below are partial images of emails from Austin homeowners that illustrate the most Common Foundation Problems in Austin page 2. We have added our comments where we thought it might be beneficial. The point we wish to make is that many homeowners in your area are experiencing similar foundation issues.

Foundation Repair Inspections are usually done within two weeks. This Georgetown homeowner will receive a diagram showing elevation readings of the slab.

We can usually provide a Free Foundation Inspection within 2 weeks.  However, during hot, dry weather the waiting list may be 6 weeks.

A concrete slab that is cracked down the middle will probably need support piers around the perimeter of the house.

This Georgetown home will probably require support piers (Bell Bottom Piers) around the entire perimeter of the house before it can be leveled.  This condition, “cracked through the middle”, is more common than  you may think.

Continuous cracking could be a serious warning sign of foundation problems and this new Pflugerville house should be inspected from top to bottom.

Two YEARS old and the house has “continuous cracking”?  This is not good.  The homeowner should immediately contact the home builder because they have warranties.  He should document every phone call and method of communication with the home builder.

The answer to this Pflugerville homeowner's question is that buyers usually want the home foundation leveled prior to purchase.

This Pflugerville homeowner should repair and level his home foundation because most buyers will need to obtain financing from a traditional lender – and lenders require the house and foundation to be in good to excellent condition.

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