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Below are partial images of emails from Dallas area homeowners that illustrate the most Common Foundation Problems in Dallas page 2. We have added our comments where we thought it might be beneficial. The point we wish to make is that many homeowners in your area are experiencing foundation issues.

Home Foundation Problems and Warning Signs in Flower Mound, Texas.

Failed Foundation Repair – The homeowner did not say which foundation repair method was utilized in 2000 but mostly likely it was the “pushed pile” method. For a permanent solution homeowners should install Bell Bottom Piers.  Read about Problems with Pushed Piles method.

Home Foundation Problems and Warning Signs in Frisco, Texas.

We will be happy to offer an opinion. But this house fits a pattern we see all over the state – home builders build minimally functional foundations that begin to fail between 10 and 20 years of age. 

Home Foundation Problems and Warning Signs in Garland, Texas.

This home follows the same pattern mentioned immediately above – minimally functional foundations that begin to fail between 10 and 20 years of age. 

Home Foundation Problems and Warning Signs in Garland, Texas.

Very common foundation problems – and they will probably get worse.

Home Foundation Problems and Warning Signs in Rowlett, Texas.

Thanks for the warning about the dog but we only visit with the owner present because we need access to the interior of the home.  If there are “large gaps” then there has been significant foundation movement.

Home Foundation Problems and Warning Signs in Rowlett, Texas.

100 years old?  Or maybe 10?  If it is an older home then it is probably on a pier and beam foundation and we will need to crawl underneath the home to inspect it.

Homes that are only three years of age should not be showing signs of foundation damage.

This house is only 3 years old and has horizontal and vertical cracks. Our advice to the homeowner is to go straight to the builder with these concerns and document every communication. And we also advise the homeowner to NOT accept a low-cost, low-quality foundation repair suggestion.

Clay soils and their movement are the greatest risk of damage to concrete slab foundations.

It is possible the previous owner “short changed” the foundation repair by not accepting the full suggestion of the foundation contractor. Regardless, we can certainly level the portion of the house that is sagging.

Homes in the Dallas area have foundation problems due to the movement of clay soils.

This is a 45 year old house in Dallas with some foundation problems, which is very common.

Inspect the home's foundation and make any repairs before doing any plumbing work.

We can provide the trenching and tunneling but this homeowner should have his foundation inspected prior to beginning any foundation work. If the foundation needs support and leveling then that should be done first so as not to have to repair the plumbing a second time.

Large Cracks in a ceiling usually are an indication of settlement of the foundation.

Second story ceilings will display what we call “rotational cracking.” That is, the crack begins at the foundation and expands in width as it moves up to the roof.

The installation of interior piers can be performed very efficiently by Dawson's crews.

This McKinney homeowner is referring to 8 piers that will be in the interior of the house. The other 22 piers will be under the perimeter foundation beam.

Mud Pumping is the process of filling voids under a slab foundation with a mud and concrete mixture.

This request, lifting part of a driveway, is not a service we provide. It will require injection of a material under pressure to lift the driveway.

Homes that have two or more stories are subject to rotational cracks that become much larger as they move upward.

This is another example of rotational cracks. When one portion of the foundation is settling and moving, and another portion of the foundation is stable, the settling section is “rotating” away from the stable section. The result is a crack that is “V” shaped and the width of the crack increases as it moves toward the roof.

Foundation slab movement is caused by the movement of the underlying soil.

This homeowner in Rockwell has an engineering report that will assist the foundation contractor when doing the repair work.

Sachse, Texas is within our service area for foundation repair.

This Sachse homeowner has already decided he/she wants piers and not pushed piles. We think this is a wise decision because Bell Bottom Piers are a permanent solution and is the Highest Quality of Foundation Repair in Texas.

Water should not collect around a home's foundation and corrective action should be taken.

This house in Whitewright has a drainage problem that should be corrected first.

Dawson Foundation Repair offer Free Foundation Inspections.

This Dallas house is another example of Minimally Functional Foundations. The home builder’s warranty expires after 10 years and the foundation is built to lower standards than commercial buildings.

Foundation Repair Estimates vary due to low quality methods being compared to high quality methods of repair.

We can help this homeowner with the estimates. Low cost estimates = low quality. Higher cost estimates usually equal higher quality. We offer the Highest Cost and the Highest Quality Foundation Repair in Texas – Bell Bottom Piers. But don’t take our word for it, read some of the Engineering Reports from Independent Structural Engineers. Homeowners that want a permanent solution with the highest quality select Bell Bottom Piers.

Home Foundations in Watauga have problems with the clay soils in the area.

Watauga, Texas falls within our service area of the greater Dallas metro area.

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