Common Foundation Problems in Plano 02

Below are partial images of emails from Plano homeowners that illustrate the most Common Foundation Problems in Plano. We have added our comments where we thought it might be beneficial. The point we wish to make is that many homeowners in your area are experiencing foundation issues.

A structural engineering report is key for a homeowner to feel comfortable with the repair recommendations.

It is a wise decision to obtain an expert opinion from an independent structural engineer. Since they have no financial interest in the repair or leveling of the foundation their opinions are highly valued. It is also an opportunity for the homeowner to ask important questions about the pros and cons of the most common foundation repair methods used in Texas. The homeowner can ask key questions about the weight bearing capacity and Factor of Safety of different repair methods.

Wall cracks and sticking doors are warning signs of foundation movement.

These are common problems for homeowners – “cracks on walls and problem closing doors.”  They are two of the most common warning signs of foundation movement and foundation damage. Call us for a free inspection if you see any of these warning signs.

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