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Below are partial images of emails from San Antonio area homeowners that illustrate the most Common Foundation Problems in San Antonio and the metro area. We have added our comments where we thought it might be beneficial. Many homeowners in the Houston area are experiencing similar foundation issues.

Foundation Problems in San Antonio, Texas.

This home appears to have done well for 60 years.  However, the extreme weather of recent years could be putting additional stresses on the foundation.  A foundation inspection would be a good idea.

Home Foundation Problems in San Antonio, Texas.

We would recommend a foundation inspection, and completing any necessary foundation work, BEFORE beginning any plumbing work.  The foundation should be stable and level to maximize the life of the new plumbing. You can review under slab plumbing costs on this page.

House Foundation Problems in San Antonio, Texas.

In general, we would stabilize the area with the installation of permanent Bell Bottom Piers.  This is the Highest Quality Foundation Repair Method in Texas. However, the highest quality does cost more.

Foundation Cracks in San Antonio houses.

A nearby, large, underground cave is not good.  And cracks in a house that is LESS than 1 year of age is not good.  We would be happy to inspect this home.

Foundation Cracks and Plumbing Issues in San Antonio homes.

We do NOT negotiate with builders on behalf of homeowners.  Should this homeowner not be satisfied with the builder’s response then we would suggest that he / she contact an attorney for legal advice.

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