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Below are partial images of emails from Sugar Land homeowners that illustrate the most Common Foundation Problems in Sugar Land. We have added our comments where we thought it might be beneficial. The point we wish to make is that many homeowners in your area are experiencing foundation issues.

What is normal settling? There are a number of different definitions.  We do know that most builders in Texas build Minimally Functional Foundations that they hope will not show any significant foundation damage during their mandatory 10 year warranty period.  After 10 years the homeowner is “on the hook” for all foundation problems. The majority of our clients have homes 15 to 25 years old.

Yes, immediate action is required and we would suggest that the homeowner stop using the master bath.  Broken under slab plumbing lines are a frequent result of soil movement that creates “upheaval” and “settlement” in slab foundations.

It appears that the damage is widespread in this home.  If so, the house may need both interior and exterior support structures (Bell Bottom Piers).

Another common complaint probably caused by hot, dry weather that results in soil shrinkage around the perimeter of the foundation.  When the area of soil shrinkage or soil separation from the foundation slab becomes too large the slab will crack and “fall down” until it reaches some support.

The erosion and drainage situation should be addressed because it may be responsible for the cracks in the house. A foundation inspection will help us understand the problem better.

FAILED Foundation RepairWe see this all the time.  Low cost, low quality foundation repair methods deliver poor results – it is just a question of when.  Bell Bottom Piers are the Highest Quality Foundation Repair method available in Texas and the only repair method (drilled piers) discussed in the Houston Building Codes.

We included this email because it is clear and precise.  The problem is soil movement and the tremendous stresses it places on the concrete slab foundations.

This house is ONLY 6 years old and the owner has been seeing foundation problems for “several years.”  Now is the time for the homeowner to contact his home builder and discuss his concerns and “put them on the record.”  The second story problems with level floors could be sagging floor joints. That would be a “framing” problem and not a foundation problem. The homeowner may also want to contact an attorney for advice.

It appears this is a potential buyer and he / she is doing the necessary homework.  Professional home inspectors can be very helpful and informative for the new home buyer.

We are probably looking at settlement issues with this home. If the window or window frame is cracking then that is a definite warning sign of foundation damage.

Common Foundation Problems in houses in Sugar Land, Texas.

This Sugar Land homeowner should get a Free Foundation Inspection because foundation problems usually get worse with time.

Foundation Cracks in homes in Sugar Land, Texas.

This is a common homeowner situation. The slab foundation has been under stress and flexed by soil movement for 24 years and now it appears to be cracking.

Foundation Cracks in houses in Sugar Land, Texas.

The steel rebar in the concrete foundation should NOT be exposed.  It should be “inside” the slab and it strengthens the concrete and helps it resist the forces of soil movement. The homeowner should get a foundation inspection.

Common Foundation Cracks in homes in Sugar Land, Texas.

Unfortunately this Sugar Land homeowner has waited until his foundation is “really bad.”  Foundation damage usually gets worse over time so homeowners should address the problem earlier.

Common Foundation Cracks in houses in Sugar Land, Texas.

This is an example of the “Limited Warranty” of a Texas home builder.  Most home builders in Texas build Minimally Functional Foundations and they have certain protections against lawsuits such as Mandatory Arbitration.  This homeowner should start documenting all of his foundation and home damage and perhaps consult an attorney.

Foundation Issues in homes in Sugar Land, Texas.

This house was only 4 years old at the time this was written.  It is another example of Minimally Functional Foundations being sold to the public.  Home builders could build stronger foundations if they chose to – it is simple, more steel rebar and thicker concrete slabs.

Foundation Issues in houses in Sugar Land, Texas.

Root Barriers are a good idea if mature trees are close to a home’s foundation.

Common Foundation Issues in homes in Sugar Land, Texas.

The home builder’s limited warranty has expired and we see hundreds of homes every year between the ages of 10 and 20 years with multiple warning signs of foundation damage.

Common Foundation Issues in houses in Sugar Land, Texas.

This appears to be a settlement issue and this Sugar Land homeowner is correct about needing to install Bell Bottom Piers for permanent support.

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