Cracked Slab Foundation

What is a “cracked slab foundation” ?

Most concrete slab foundations were and are built with steel rebar or post tension cables for strength. Slabs built with rebar and cables have a degree of flexibility that allow “bending” or “flexing” over a period of time. The cracks that are observed by a homeowner in his / her concrete slab foundation are usually the result of soil expansion from excess water or soil contraction from a lack of water. Fortunately, in numerous cases, the integrity of the slab foundation has not been adversely affected. These cracks are the evidence of slight movement – they are not an indication of separation of the slab into two pieces.

However, a cracked slab foundation can be more serious. Many factors can contribute to a more severe problem with the homeowner’s slab foundation. Some of these are inferior construction by the builder, inferior concrete quality, and / or excessive soil movement due to excessive expansion or contraction of the soil.

Indications of cracked slab movement:

  • interior floor problems such as cracked tiles, buckled linoleum, dome-shapes, or uneven floors
  • cracks in exterior foundation or exterior stucco
  • doorframes that are out-of-square; doors that do not close properly
  • cracks in interior sheetrock

What should you do about a “cracked slab” ?

If the cracks are 1/8″ in width or less, there probably is nothing to worry about. If the slab cracks are 1/4″ wide or greater, then you may want to have a professional foundation inspection. If there is a difference in elevation on each side of the crack, then an inspection is certainly warranted. Please click on the following link for more information about our FREE Home Foundation Inspection.

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