Free Foundation Inspection* and Cost Estimate

In most situations we offer a free foundation inspection*.

However, during a real estate transaction the motivations of the seller and buyer are very different. The seller (not the buyer) is paying for the repair service and almost always wants a quick, cheap, and low quality repair in order to sell the house as quickly as possible.  We do NOT offer a cheap, low quality repair method. We specialize in the Highest Quality Foundation Repair method available – Bell Bottom Piers.

*Therefore we do NOT offer Free foundation inspections for homes involved in a real estate transaction.

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    *We offer foundation inspections and written cost estimates for homes involved in real estate transactions.

    However, since the motivations of sellers and buyers in a real estate transaction are different, we charge $400 in these cases.

    Should either the seller or buyer engage us to perform work on their home foundation then we will discount the work by $400.

    We have hundreds of foundation repair testimonial letters online from our happy customers.

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