Mis-Information in the Foundation Repair Industry

Over the years we have seen and heard a lot of Foundation Repair Mis-Information doled out by our competitors.  This mis-information is designed to deceive the potential customer or to “scare” them into making an uninformed decision.  Frankly, the reason our competitors resort to deception, mis-information, and scare tactics is because they are selling an inferior method of repair.  Should you have any doubts then please read some of the engineering information from independent structural engineers that we have placed on our website.  So let’s see some of this “bologna.”

Bell Bottom Piers is the Highest Quality Foundation Repair method available in the state of Texas.

If you have done a bit of research you will know that this statement is blatant deception. Bell Bottom Piers have 100 years of history – they are time-tested, proven, and permanent. That is why we have provided the following pages for our readers and customers.

Compare Foundation Repair Methods
Engineering Information about Foundation Repair Methods

Concrete slab foundations can be stabilized and leveled with Bell Bottom Piers.

Replace a concrete slab foundation? No, no, no.  The proper thing to do for 99.999% of homes with a moderate to serious foundation issue is to install permanent Bell Bottom Piers and then level the foundation as close as possible to the original elevation.

Scare tactics in the foundation repair industry are a form of deception.

This is purely a scare tactic.  The purpose is to create a sense of panic and convince the uninformed homeowner to sign a contract as quickly as possible. And that contract will contain a Mandatory Arbitration clause – you will NOT be able to sue the contractor for shoddy work.

Foundation Repair is NOT easy - it requires a lot of experience to inspect a home or commercial property for foundation damage.

Easy ???  Really ???  No, it requires experience and hard work.  Watching the TV is easy.  Foundation Repair and Leveling requires significant effort by many people.  It is hard work.

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