Houston, Texas – Foundation Repair Testimonial Letter #36

This testimonial letter was from a Houston, TX customer who had too many medium and large trees close to his home. When tree roots are near or under a foundation they can create problems and the need for home foundation repair. Tree roots, and roots from shrubs, can absorb large amounts of water from the soil. In an area of expansive soils this can lead to excessive shrinkage of the soil under the foundation. If the soil shrinkage is too great then the soil loses contact with the bottom of the foundation. That portion of the foundation has no support and will “collapse” to meet the soil and the support of the soil. The solution is to remove the trees and shrubs and / or install root barriers. Please click the following link to learn more about tree roots and home foundation repair. Houston, Texas – Foundation Repair Testimonial Letter #36


testimonial letter #36 for Dawson Foundation Repair

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