Foundation Repair – Testimonial Letter #46 – Houston, Texas

This concrete slab foundation repair customer in Houston, Texas had a heavily landscaped yard with many shrubs located near the home. During periods of hot, dry weather these trees and shrubs will withdraw large quantities of water from the clay soil. The result is that the clay soil will shrink dramatically when it loses water due to both hot weather and plant roots. When the clay soils around the foundation shrink they lose contact with the bottom of the foundation perimeter. The foundation perimeter can and will collapse if the clay soil underneath shrinks. Therefore it is very important to keep the moisture level uniform around the house perimeter even during hot, dry weather. And it is important to install root barricades for tree roots. These barricades will prevent the large tree roots from growing underneath the foundation and withdrawing large quantities of water. Foundation Repair – Testimonial Letter #46 – Houston, Texas


testimonial letter #46 for Dawson Foundation Repair

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