Foundation Repair – Testimonial Letter #47 – Houston, Texas

There are many misconceptions concerning slab foundation repair. This testimonial letter from a Houston, TX customer illustrates his satisfaction from a repair job done with the “old” method. The only method of repair that we use is the Bell Bottom Pier method because it has been thoroughly tested and proven for decades. It has proven to be a permanent solution. Yes, newer, quicker, cheaper methods are available but a closer examination reveals that they all have significant disadvantages. We prefer to give our customers a permanent solution. Of course, there are still many foundation repair myths being broadcast to the public. Please read our web page regarding the truths and the myths. And please read some of the hundreds of testimonial letters from satisfied customers on our web site. Foundation Repair – Testimonial Letter #47 – Houston, Texas


testimonial letter #47 for Dawson Foundation Repair

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