Foundation Repair in Houston – Testimonial Letter #63

This Houston, Texas testimonial is a good example of interior vs. exterior foundation repair. The foundation perimeter had been stabilized previously by our company. However, years later the owner called us because an interior portion of his home was sinking or settling. This can happen for several reasons. If the original builder did not properly compact the soil prior to the pouring of the concrete foundation then the soil will tend to settle over time. When the soil settles it becomes more compact and loses contact with the bottom of the foundation. Another cause of interior soil settlement is a broken sewer line. The leaking water will cause the soil to settle and lose contact with the bottom of the foundation. Regardless of the cause, when the area of soil settlement becomes relatively large then the foundation has no support and will settle or collapse. The only solution is to give that area support with the installation of Bell Bottom Piers and then fill the voids with mud pumping (a mixture of soil and concrete). Please click the following link to learn more about plumbing and sewer line leaks and foundation repair. Foundation Repair in Houston – Testimonial Letter #63.


testimonial letter #63 for Dawson Foundation Repair

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