Testimonial Letter #98

Unfortunately this foundation repair customer had severe soil settlement problems under the center of his foundation. They were probably caused by one or more under slab plumbing leaks. When there is water leakage under the slab foundation for a period of time the soil will settle or compact itself. When this happens the soil has “shrunk” and loses contact with the bottom of the concrete foundation. Now the foundation has nothing supporting its weight and the weight of the home and will often crack and collapse causing significant damage to the foundation and the home. The solution is to install interior Bell Bottom Piers to support the foundation in those areas of soil settlement. After the installation of the piers the under slab voids are filled with a cement and soil mixture in a process called mud pumping. All of this repair work can be a very disruptive process for the people living inside the home. However, we do everything possible to minimize the inconvenience. Please click the following link to learn more about foundation repair and under slab plumbing leaks.

testimonial letter #98 for Dawson Foundation Repair

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