Testimonial Letter #210

This customer in Plano, Texas had a home that showed foundation collapse on one side of the home. The soil had become extremely dry and had shrunk to the point that a large area of the foundation perimeter has lost support from the soil. The soil literally "withdrew" contact and therefore there was nothing to support that area of the home. Subsequently the foundation "fell" or collapsed 3 inches until it reached the soil. This could happen for a number of reasons – perhaps the soil in that area had a higher concentration of clay or perhaps the original builder had not properly compacted the soil. Regardless, it was obvious that the collapsed area needed support. A total of 31 Bell Bottom Piers were installed to give the foundation uniform support on a permanent basis. CALL today – we are prepared to help you with your foundation repair in Plano, Texas.

testimonial letter #210 for Dawson Foundation Repair

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