Testimonial Letter #223

This College Station customer was satisfied with his foundation repair job. Unfortunately, all of the owner’s relocated shrubs died. Our crews do their best to save these shrubs but consistent midsummer days of 95 degrees or more put tremendous stress on the plants and shrubs. We have very few problems with shrubs dying during our work during other seasons, such as spring and fall. In addition, all homeowners and property owners should be aware of the fact that an excessive number of shrubs or trees close to a concrete foundation can withdraw large amounts of moisture from the soil. When this happens there is an imbalance or non-uniformity of moisture content in the soil surrounding the property. Remember, the goal is a uniform moisture content around the perimeter of the foundation. We are prepared to help you with your foundation repair in College Station / Bryan, Texas.

testimonial letter #223 for Dawson Foundation Repair

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