Testimonial Letter #226

This Dawson client was a referral from another San Antonio foundation repair client. Obviously we are happy to received these frequent referrals because it is a validation of our professional work. This particular client had a typical three bedroom, 2 bath home that was exhibiting excessive soil movement on one side of the home. We installed 11 Bell Bottom Piers around the outside perimeter and then leveled the home. For us it was a typical job but for the homeowner it was a major event with considerable concern. As soon as we finished the job the homeowners were full of relief.

Please give us a call should you see any of the warning signs of foundation problems. You can read about these warning signs on our web site and we offer homeowners a FREE Inspection if their home is NOT involved in a real estate transaction. We are prepared to help you with your foundation repair in San Antonio, Texas.


testimonial letter #226 for Dawson Foundation Repair

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