Testimonial Letter #241

This Dallas foundation repair customer was very satisfied with the overall explanation of the repair process. There were no surprises and he knew what to expect. He was also very happy with the care the work crews demonstrated when they had to temporarily relocate some of his plants and shrubs. Generally, we have a very high survival rate for these plants and shrubs, although it is more stressful for them in the very hot summer months. This customer had a typical repair job where one portion of his home was lower than the rest. This was due to the shrinkage of the clay soils and these soils actually lost physical contact with a portion of the foundation. When this happens and the area is sufficiently large, the foundation will collapse until it finds support – the clay soil that has shrunk. Call us today for a FREE foundation inspection. We are prepared to help you at any time with your foundation repair in Dallas, Texas.

testimonial letter #241 for Dawson Foundation Repair

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