Testimonial Letter #292

This Houston, Texas foundation repair testimonial letter is from a customer who had used us in the past. We had installed Bell Bottom piers under part of her home during our visit years earlier. However, during the record drought and heat of 2011 the remaining portion of the home without the pier support began to “move.” This was due to the fact that the clay soils underneath the slab foundation became extremely dry and shrunk. When the clay soil shrinks dramatically it will pull away from the slab foundation and the result is that there is no support for that part of the foundation – it is literally “hanging in air.” When this area becomes too large the combined weight of the foundation and home will cause the foundation to crack and collapse until it reaches support – the shrunken clay soil. Visit the following page to learn more about the drilling step in our foundation repair process. Quality – Testimonial #292 – Foundation Repair in Houston.
testimonial letter #292 for Dawson Foundation Repair

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