Under Slab Drain Testing . . . When to Do It

For those who are in need of or think they are in need of under slab drain testing or an under slab hydrostatic drain test and are also facing possible home foundation repair the question most asked is “when to test the plumbing?” The right answer depends on a couple of things:

*Rules of Thumb

• If you have coverage specific to plumbing leaks and / or foundation repairs, and you intend to file a claim, then testing is normally done prior to any home foundation repair work. Keep in mind that you may need to repeat the tests once the foundation repair work is completed.
• If you are not covered or do not intend to make a claim then it is best to have the house foundation repair work done first, then test the plumbing. This will limit your cost to one time for the testing.

As with all situations there are exceptions. If you want proof of a leak to help you file a claim have the basic overall test performed before any home foundation repair work is done. This test will help you make your decision to file a claim or not based on the outcome.

Under slab drain repairs should be made only after all house foundation repair work is completed. This will reduce the chance of the plumbing repairs being damaged during foundation work.

*The information given here is only a general guide and is not intended to give specific insurance coverage information. Always check with your insurance agent or adjuster to find out the specific coverage you have prior to making a decision.

Click the following link to learn more about how under slab hydrostatic testing is performed.

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