Concrete walls are built to support a house that has been elevated approximately 10 feet.

Foundation Fitness

Foundation fitness? No, this does not mean that your foundation needs to join the local gym. Yes, it does mean that if your foundation is not in good shape your house will sustain costly damage. The average one story house weighs about 200 pounds per square foot, more if your home has special amenities like […]

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The Value of Your Foundation

When you bought the home in you are in currently, you probably spent many hours with a realtor looking at properties and assessing their value. Yes, price is part of the total value of a house, but you looked and looked until you found the home with the best value for the money you mortgaged.

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Damaged drainage pipe caused by ingress of tree roots.

Landscaping Tips

Seldom will someone compliment your home by noting how beautiful your foundation is, or how secure it looks. Most accolades result from you home’s exterior or the landscaping you have put in place. “I love your yard!” is probably much more common than “My! How firm your foundation is!” Well, let’s chat about landscaping tips.

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This fireplace damage demonstrates the powerful forces of soil movement under the concrete slab foundation.

At Risk for Foundation Damage?

Often, foundation damage is the last thing on a homeowner’s mind until they find out they have damage. Many homeowners in Texas assume that the inspection done on their home when they purchased it covered the security of their foundation. Once they move into the home, their foundation is rarely, if ever, thought about again –

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What is Mandatory Arbitration?

Before you hire a contractor to perform foundation repairs on your home’s foundation, you must understand a critical term. This term may show up in the contract you’ll be asked to sign, and it’s important to understand why it’s so pivotal. Known as “Mandatory Arbitration,” this term is found in the clauses of many Texas

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3 Factors to Consider – Symptoms, Methods, and Costs of Foundation Repair

Homeowners understand that there will be things that need repair around their house as time goes by. Painting, updating appliances, replacing fixtures – these are all regularly anticipated by homeowners. However, once an appraisal is done and a home is purchased, most homeowners don’t think much about having to repair their foundation. In fact, they

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