Foundation Cracks in Sugar Land

Foundation Cracks will almost always become longer and wider over time. The soil movement will continue with changes in seasons.

Void under the Slab Foundation

Mud Pumping Under Foundations

Mud Pumping or pumping a concrete / soil slurry into a void under a foundation, will provide the slab foundation with additional support for heavier loads.

Under Slab Plumbing Leaks

Plumbing Problem Under Slab 75069

Often plumbing problems under the home’s concrete foundation are the result of significant soil movement, which moves, flexes, and cracks slabs.

Foundations and Sinkholes

Any sinkhole near a house or home is a serious problem. The foundation, along with the entire house, is under threat.

The soil back fill process begins for the root barricade - Plano Foundation Repair

Can Root Barricades Save My Foundation From Damage?

Foundation damage can result from several factors including under slab plumbing leaks, variations in moisture in the soil surrounding our foundation, poor landscaping patterns that affect water flow around our homes, and other similar causes. The consistent element in these factors is moisture control, which can be greatly impacted by large trees on your property. …

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