Mud Pumping Under Foundations

Voids under concrete slab foundations can be filled with a concrete / mud slurry.

This is an interesting email from a home owner. He wants to know if Dawson Foundation Repair will fill a void that was left by another foundation contractor. The answer is no.


First, we do think it is important to fill the voids that are under a home concrete foundation. This will provide the slab foundation with additional support when it is carrying heavy loads.

Second, we do not want to be liable for the failure of a foundation repair job of another contractor. This foundation contractor used an inferior and cheap method of foundation repair, pushed pilings. We simply don’t understand why owners of $500,000 homes want the lowest cost (lowest quality) foundation repair estimate they can find. We suspect this foundation contractor did not fill the void with a concrete / mud slurry because he hasn’t invested in the necessary equipment.

The conclusion is that you get what you pay for. If you want low cost then you will receive low quality. If you want high quality, and a permanent solution, then it will cost more. We install Bell Bottom Piers because they are stronger, more stable, have a large footprint, and can support loads 5 to 10 times greater than cheap repair methods.

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