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Below are more of the Common Foundation Problems in other Texas cities page 2 that our clients have experienced. All of these problems have been received via email and we have added our comments to some of them where it might be beneficial and illustrate the many foundation issues they are dealing with.

This Anna, Texas home is showing signs of foundation damage after 10 years, which is typical in the state of Texas.

This home is Anna, Texas is showing warning signs of foundation damage and soil movement.  Unfortunately, the home builder’s warranty expires after 10 years.  This is common situation because most Texas home builders build Minimally Functional Foundations.

This Brenham house is 23 years old and is displaying all of the warnings signs of foundation movement and house damage.

The loud wood popping sounds are of great concern.  This homeowner should immediately have a qualified person inspect the rafters and joints in the attic for separation issues.  In addition, this Brenham homeowner needs to act sooner rather than later to stabilize and level his slab foundation.

This Bacliff homeowner should identify the source of the water intrusion and take action to prevent it in the future.

Having water under the home floor or foundation is a serious issue.  This Bacliff homeowner should immediately ask for professional help in identifying the source of the water leakage or drainage and make repairs.  However, foundation repairs should be made before the installation of any under slab plumbing.

This Brookshire house certainly has a foundation problem if the walls have cracks and the floors are sloping.

This Brookshire home is an older home with a lower value.  If we determine that foundation leveling is needed then we would probably recommend our more economical support product, the Dawson Driven Pile System.

We also provide Free Foundation Inspections for banks, mortgage lenders, and property management companies.

We work with a variety of customers and this potential customer was probably referred to us.  And we serve the Bryan and College Station area.

If this Cleveland, Texas house has cracks in the chimney then the home foundation should be inspected to prevent the collapse of the chimney.

This is a 37 year old home in Cleveland, which is not far from Houston and suffers from the same clay soils.  We would focus on the chimney because if the separation is too great there is a chance it could separate from the house and fall down.

Dawson is happy to provide Free Foundation Inspections and Estimates for foundation repair and leveling.

Happy to do so.  Good Luck!

A hairline crack in the tile is usually normal for homes in Cypress and the surrounding area and doesn't necessarily indicate a foundation problem.

There is probably no significant problem with the Cypress home at this time.  Hairline cracks are normal.  However, this house is only 3 years old and the owner should closely monitor any warning sign of foundation damage.  In the event it does become more serious then the homeowner should contact the home builder because the home is under warranty for 10 years in Texas.

This Deer Park home has foundation movement on both sides of the house and our more affordable Dawson Driven Pile System may be the best option.

Yes, we can do one side of a house and return to complete the work on the other side.  This house is close to 40 years old and showing signs of soil movement in multiple places of the house.

Dawson Foundation Repair has been in business for over 30 years and is proud of their reputation.

Thank you for confidence in our reputation.  We have build this reputation over a 30+ year period by delivering the Highest Quality Foundation Repair in Texas. Our Bell Bottom Pier method require more concrete, more time, and costs more but it is a permanent solution.

It is always best to level a foundation before remodeling any of the rooms.

This homeowner in Kilgore is absolutely correct – do not install new windows and doors when you know you have foundation problems.  It is best to provide your foundation the permanent support it needs before beginning a renovation.

This La Porte home has multiple warnings signs of foundation damage.

There are 4 warning signs of foundation damage in this short email.  Obviously this homeowner needs a professional opinion concerning the concrete slab foundation.

Small cracks in a foundation are normal.

Small cracks in the concrete foundation are normal.  However, if there is a significant gap then the homeowner should get an inspection.

Houses that are unlevel in both the back and front have a foundation settlement problem.

Based on the homeowner’s description of “unleveled in the front and the back” it appears the home’s foundation problem is significant.

Cracks in the tile floors of the Missouri City home are almost certainly the result of foundation stress and movement.

How serious is this problem?  It depends on the length of the cracks and if there is a gap.  This is a frequent complaint of homeowners in Missouri City.

This Pearland house has multiple problems and they are all related to the foundation.

This Pearland home is showing at least 4 separate warning signs of foundation movement.

A 40 year old house in Pearland should be expected to have some foundation movement.

When the floor is sloping it is time to request a Free Foundation Inspection.  Give us a call today.

Most houses in the Pearland area will begin to show foundation damage between 10 and 20 years of age.

Parallel cracks in both the floor and ceiling is not good.  Once again a Minimally Functional Foundation is failing shortly after the 10 year builder’s warranty period.  This appears to be a larger house based on the value so it will probably require a significant number of support piers to stabilize the slab foundation.

Homes often experience settlement at the corners because this area is subject to greater sun exposure and loss of moisture in the soil.

Failed Foundation Repair – “the corner is sinking below the rest of the foundation” –  We see this all the time, low cost foundation repair methods result in low quality and failed repair jobs.  Dawson has been successful because we offer a permanent solution – Bell Bottom Piers – the Highest Quality Foundation Repair method in Texas.

Homes in Galveston are always at risk of foundation damage because of storms and hurricanes.

We offer Free Foundation Inspections and Estimates for homes in Galveston and much of east Texas.  Call Dawson Foundation Repair today.

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