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Below are more of the Common Foundation Problems in other Texas cities page 3 that our clients have experienced. We have added some comments where we thought it might be beneficial. The point we wish to make is that many homeowners in your area are experiencing foundation issues.

Cracks in the Ceiling and Walls are certain warning signs of foundation damage and soil movement in this Ennis, Texas house.

When there are cracks in the ceiling then the homeowner definitely needs a professional foundation inspection.

Dawson Foundation Repair serves homeowners in Huntsville and the surrounding area.

This Huntsville homeowner is absolutely correct about supporting and leveling the home foundation BEFORE beginning any remodeling work.  In addition the homeowner plans on living in the house for a long period of time. Obviously we would recommend a permanent solution – Bell Bottom Piers – the Highest Quality Foundation Repair method in Texas.

Dawson Foundation Repair serves the La Porte and coastal areas of southeast Texas.

La Porte is located on Galveston Bay so there is a lot of subsurface water in the area.  Coastal homes are at additional risk of settlement.

When half of a house is settling then the homeowner is wise to seek a support system for his foundation.

Ouch!  When half the house is sinking then that is a definite warning sign of settlement.  The cracked walls and sticking doors are confirmation.

The warping of hardwood floors could also be caused by water so a careful examination is in order.

This is a lower value home so if foundation support and leveling is required we would recommend the Dawson Driven Pile System.  It is a more economical solution.

Many homes in Missouri City, Texas are showing signs of settlement after the recent years of severe drought.

We have heard this foundation issue thousands of times.  The fact is that a majority of home builders in Texas build Minimally Functional Foundations that are designed to last about 10 to 15 years before they start failing.

Settlement is probably the most common type of foundation issue for homes in Texas.

Another house having settlement in the back. Many 1000s of houses in Texas have this foundation issue.

Dawson Foundation Repair has earned a superior reputation with realtors in the state of Texas.

Dawson works with many realtors and they refer us because they know we offer the Highest Quality Foundation Repair in Texas – Bell Bottom Piers.

Dawson Foundation Repair serves the Nacogdoches area.

Settlement issues with slab foundations in Nacogdoches are common.  It has the same clay soils that are present in most of east Texas.

Dawson Foundation Repair can help homeowners in Pearland with drainage and related foundation problems.

This homeowner has wisely obtained professional advice from a structural engineer.  And yes, we would be happy to inspect the foundation after drainage repairs are made.

Sellers of homes in Texas must repair or level the slab foundation prior to a sale in most instances.

This email is somewhat rare because most home sellers are seeking the lowest cost (and lowest quality) foundation repair in order to sell their house. But this seller is probably thinking a higher quality foundation repair will help him sell his house more quickly and with fewer concerns.

Dawson Foundation Repair works with real estate agents and their clients to resolve foundation issues.

This is another realtor referral.  We think realtors are smart when they recommend contractors that deliver High Quality rather than Low Quality.  Ask us about Bell Bottom Piers.

Dawson Foundation Repair offers the highest quality foundation repair method in Texas.

Another satisfied customer of Dawson Foundation Repair.  Please read some of our 600+ Testimonial Letters.

A house with multiple drainage and plumbing problems should be carefully examined by a master plumber.

This Pearland homeowner has a lot of plumbing problems as well as foundation problems.  Either one could have caused the other.  Regardless, we strongly recommend that homeowners support and level their home foundations BEFORE performing any plumbing repairs.

Any house in Texas under ten years of age is still under warranty from the builder.

This is a NEW home in Princeton and needs leveling.  Our advice is to immediately contact the home builder and document all conversations and communications.  New homes in Texas have some degree of warranty protection from home builders for 10 years.

This Richmond house is experiencing significant soil movement under the slab foundation.

Pops, Cracks, and pieces of Sheetrock falling from the ceiling.  First, this is a 9 year old home and there may be some relief from the 10 year home builder warranty.  If not, we would be happy to inspect the home’s slab foundation for any issues or damage.

It is a wise that the homeowner has asked for a foundation inspection have his house has settled two inches.

A sudden drop of 2″ in any area of the home is cause for concern.

This house has some serious problems and the studs breaking through the ceiling is of great concern.

Ouch!  Studs appearing out of ceiling? Ouch again!  This homeowner needs a foundation inspection as soon as possible.

The Seabrook house has a crack on the second story ceiling which originates at the foundation.

Seabrook is a coastal city and at risk of water intrusion.  Slab foundations in coastal areas have greater risks and problems because of the presence of so much water.

It is very important to have soil issues and foundation issues fixed before beginning plumbing repairs.

Another Referral!  But wait on that plumbing work!  It is best to inspect your foundation first.  If foundation support structures and leveling are needed then they should be installed prior to any under slab plumbing repair.

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