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You are not alone. Below are more of the most Common Foundation Problems in Houston page 3. These images of emails from Houston area homeowners illustrate the many foundation issues they are confronting. We have added our comments where we thought it might be beneficial. Many homeowners in other Texas cities are experiencing similar foundation problems.

If there is a “recurrent drainage problem” then the homeowner needs to fix the problem permanently.  Then we can address any foundation issues.

FAILED Foundation Repair – Since the cheapest foundation repair methods are the most common, we are going to guess that this is a “Pushed Pile” repair job.  It appears to be failing after 10 years and unfortunately for the homeowner, it is a permanent failure. The original foundation contractor can “shim” or “re-level” the house but this is just a temporary measure.  The repair job has failed permanently.  If you want Permanent support under a concrete slab foundation then the repair method to use is Bell Bottom Piers.

Yes, broken sewer lines under the concrete slab can cause foundation problems.  Fix the foundation first, then fix the plumbing.

OK.  Let’s fix the foundation support problem first, then we can work on the plumbing.

This is an older home so we would expect some “wear and tear” but bathroom tiles falling off sounds serious.  We have to conduct an inspection before we can say more.

This is serious because if the gap between the chimney and house becomes too large the chimney can literally fall to the ground. So let’s inspect the home ASAP.

If there is a plumbing leak in the kitchen area then it could cause soil compaction and settlement.  A foundation inspection and plumbing inspection would be advised.

This usually is the result of “settlement” and we can perform elevation readings to determine if that is true.

FAILED Foundation Repair – We could write a book about the errors with this low cost, low quality “Pushed Piles” foundation repair job.  It is a disaster for the homeowner.  The previous foundation work is worthless plus the foundation contractor has created more damage by not mudjacking under the interior of the concrete slab after raising the exterior portion of the slab.  This home will probably need Bell Bottom Piers throughout – interior and perimeter.

It is time for a FREE Foundation Inspection.

Home Foundation Problems in the Friendswood, Texas area.

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Home Foundation Problems in Pearland, Texas.

This is about as good a RECOMMENDATION as a company can earn.  Thank you for your comments. The ONLY foundation repair method mentioned or discussed in the Building Codes of Houston is the “Drilled Pier with Bell” method, also known as “Bell Bottom Piers.”

Home Foundation Problems in Rosenberg, Texas.

It sounds like one portion of the foundation is sinking (settlement).  We would have to inspect the home and foundation and take elevation readings to better understand the cause of the cracks.

Home Foundation Problems in Spring, Texas.

If this house is less than one year old then, yes, we think you probably have a foundation problem.  We would be happy to inspect the foundation and if you desire another opinion then an independent structural engineer could be helpful.  Remember, all new houses have a builder warranty for 10 years so any foundation problem should be presented to the builder first and fully documented with dates, emails, written documents, and notes of conversations.

Home Foundation Problems in Missouri City, Texas.
Having a “belly” under the slab foundation is almost always the result of a waste water / sewer line leak.  If any foundation repair work is needed it should be done first and then the plumbing work can be done second.

Home Foundation Problems in Missouri City, Texas.
Unfortunately this house has not been maintained and the result is that it has multiple issues.  The fallen chimney, wall cracks, and plumbing issues can certainly be the result of foundation movement. Electrical outages, however, are usually NOT the result of foundation movement. A thorough foundation inspection will help clarify the issues for the homeowner.

Foundation Issues and Plumbing Problems in Houston, Texas.

Mold and mildew in the closet suggest a water leak. Therefore we would want a plumbing inspection to better understand the relationship between any excess water and the foundation damage.

Foundation Problems and Plumbing Issues in Houston, Texas.

A narrow crack is not a serious problem. However it is an indication of foundation movement and a foundation inspection is a good idea. There may be other warning signs in other parts of the home.

Major Foundation Issues and Plumbing Issues in Houston, Texas.

Houston home frequently experience brick walls separating from windows and door frames. It is a warning sign of foundation movement and damage.

Major Slab Foundation Problems and Plumbing Issues in Houston, Texas.

The crack in expanding is size because the clay soils are absorbing the rain water and expanding dramatically in volume. This puts great pressure on the home’s foundation.

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