Foundation Repair Houston – Testimonial #227

Houston is one of the most active foundation repair markets in the state of Texas. Although there are numerous foundation repair companies in Houston and in the state, Dawson is the only company that offers the Bell Bottom Pier method of repair exclusively. Why? Because this is the only method of repair that has proven itself over decades of use. It is time tested and homeowners and commercial property owners can relax knowing that it is a permanent solution. Bell Bottom Piers are based on the same construction concept that is used to build concrete support columns for bridges and highways. That concept consists of excavating a hole until stable soil or bedrock is reached and then filling the hole with concrete and steel rebar. Nothing is more solid and permanent in foundation repair than these types of piers. Read more about Bell Bottom Pier Quality Control. Foundation Repair Houston – Testimonial #227.


testimonial letter #227 for Dawson Foundation Repair

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