Testimonial Letter #236

Testimonial letters from clients in Sugar Land seem to have similar foundation repair problems. Perhaps that is because the soil composition has a uniform clay content. It is critical that the soil surrounding the perimeter of a home or commercial building have a constant or uniform moisture content throughout all of the seasons. Foundation problems become severe during periods of very dry weather because the soil around the home or building perimeter loses moisture and shrinks. This is one of the key characteristics of clay soils – they shrink and lose volume when very dry. When the clay soils shrink they lose contact with the concrete slab and therefore the concrete slab has nothing supporting it underneath. If the area of shrinkage is sufficiently large, then the weight of the home or building will cause the concrete slab to collapse until it reaches support – which is the shrunken soil. The slab will crack as well as exterior and interior walls. Call us for a FREE foundation inspection – we are prepared to help you with your foundation repair in Sugar Land, Texas.

Click the following link should you wish to know more about when to do under slab drain testing.

testimonial letter #236 for Dawson Foundation Repair

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