4 Key Questions You Should Ask of a Foundation Repair Company

Before you sign the contract with a contractor to repair your foundation, there are some critical questions you should ask in order to be assured that you are choosing a professional company that will deliver the most reliable and proven repairs for your home’s foundation. There are others, too, but start with these four critical questions when choosing a foundation repair company.

1. What method of foundation repair do you use? There are a variety of methods used to repair foundations, but the methods vary in quality. Some methods are fast and cheap – and usually temporary. Other foundation repair methods require more time, more labor, and more concrete and steel rebar – and are PERMANENT.  The method chosen by independent structural engineers and proving to have the most effective long-term results is the Bell Bottom Pier method, the method used by Dawson Foundation Repair. Never make assumptions that other foundation contractors are using this method. In fact most do NOT, because it is a higher cost and lower profit business model for the foundation repair company.

2. Am I going to have to sign a Mandatory Arbitration clause? Mandatory (Forced) Arbitration sometimes sounds like a good idea for the consumer in an attempt to protect your rights, however in reality, we feel it is a racket to protect foundation contractors and other businesses that  produce shoddy work. When there are problems with work performed and consumers are FORCED into Arbitration, recent studies have shown that 90% – 99% of the rulings favor the business, not the consumer.  And Mandatory (Forced) Arbitration eliminates many rights of the consumer. For example, the business chooses the for-profit arbitration company, a clear conflict of interest.  What most people do not understand is that in arbitration there is no judge, no jury, no appeal, and no public record. In addition, the arbitrator is NOT required to follow the law. And there is NO requirement for an arbitrator to publicly disclose the reasons for his or her decision. It is a very UNFAIR system for the consumer.

3. What independent agencies endorse your work? Foundation repair companies should be able to provide you with independent reviews and recommendations from organizations such as the Better Business Bureau, engineering groups, home builder’s organizations, etc. These, along with customer testimonials, are excellent ways to do your homework on a foundation repair company before you trust them with your greatest investment.

4. Will you test the soil under my home? This may not seem like an obvious question, but the structure and security of your home’s foundation has everything to do with the soil upon which it rests. Part of a professional foundation repair job therefore, should include soil testing, preferably with an understanding of how your soil affects the engineering-related elements of foundation repair. For instance, the correct depth of the piers used to repair your home’s foundation is a factor of several things, including the type and condition of soil under your home. Because of this, soil testing becomes very important to a permanent foundation repair solution.

Every company from which you are requesting estimates should be able to respond to these four questions. Don’t fail to ask them, and take every precaution to get the facts before you hire a company to repair your home’s foundation.

Dawson Foundation Repair installs Bell Bottom Piers for homeowners and commercial property owners because we know the cheap, stacked concrete cylinder methods often fail. We offer a proven and permanent solution to level and repair your foundation.

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