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Foundation Repair in Allen, Texas

Allen, Texas is in Collin county and is a northern suburb of Dallas, Texas. As of 2007 the city’s population was estimated at approximately 78,000. Geographically the city has a total land area of 27.1 square miles with no appreciable surface water. The city rests on layers of clay soil which will swell and shrink with the absorption and loss of water.

Bell Bottom Piers offer a Permanent Solution - 5.8x Load Capacity and 13x Footprint area for Stability
Which of the two foundation repair methods above offers your concrete home foundation GREATER support, stability, load capacity, and permanency?

Like many areas in northeast Texas, the clay soils in Allen, Texas are problematic for building construction. When it rains the clay soils absorb large amounts of water and swell. The swelling creates “uplift” for any structure built upon the soil and can be extremely damaging to rigid concrete foundations. Similarly, when weather conditions are very hot and dry the clay soils will lose significant amounts of water and shrink. When the soils shrink and lose contact with a concrete slab foundation, the foundation has literally lost its support. If the area of shrinkage is large enough then the foundation may crack and collapse until it reaches its support – the clay soils.

Dawson Foundation Repair utilizes only one method of foundation repair, the Bell Bottom Pier method. There is a simple reason for using this method exclusively – it works and it is permanent. This method of pouring concrete into excavated holes and reinforcing the concrete with steel rebar is the same conceptual method used to build columns for highway overpasses. It is a time-tested and proven method. There are other repair methods available they all have significant disadvantages. Please click on the following link to compare methods of foundation repair.

Please call us today for a FREE Foundation Inspection (for homes not involved in real estate transactions) !  If you have warning signs of foundation damage, then we would be happy to visit your home or business.

Dawson Foundation Repair will obtain all necessary building and engineering permits to begin a foundation repair job in Allen. Both a building permit and engineer report are required in your city. You may call the city building inspection department at 214-509-4130 for more information.

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