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Foundation Repair in Arlington, Texas

Quality is more important than Price. That is why we install Bell Bottom Piers as our only method of leveling and repair. You can buy a flawed and cheap repair method but it won’t be a proven or a permanent foundation solution. Time-tested, Proven, and Permanent with Bell Bottom Piers – Foundation Repair in Arlington, Texas.

Home Foundation Repair in Arlington, Texas
One of the two foundation repair methods above offers a load capacity 5.8 greater than the other as well as a “footprint” or surface area in stable soil 13 times larger for greater support

Dawson Foundation Repair has proudly offered foundation leveling and repair services in Arlington and the Dallas metro area during its 30+ year history. Arlington is part of the DFW metroplex area and is located in Tarrant county. It is estimated to be the seventh largest city in the state of Texas and the 50th largest in the nation. It is located almost midpoint between Dallas and Fort Worth, 20 miles west of downtown Dallas and 12 miles east of downtown Fort Worth. The city has a total area of 99.7 square miles of which 3.2 square miles is water. Johnson Creek and the Trinity River both flow through the city.

The city is situated in a geographic area with numerous types of clay soils and overall the soil has extreme plasticity. This means the soil will swell or shrink in large amounts depending on its water content. During periods of heavy rain the soil will swell and exert upward pressure on rigid concrete foundations. During periods of hot dry weather the soil will shrink and lose contact with the bottom of the foundation. When soil shrinks dramatically, the foundation has lost its support and can collapse to reach its support level. The swelling and shrinking of the clay soils is a powerful force that will crack concrete slabs and it is the biggest contributor to the demand for home foundation repair.

Highest Quality Foundation Repair

At Dawson we utilize Bell Bottom Piers to support and level concrete slab foundations. It is the highest quality foundation repair method available in the Texas market. We do NOT offer any other repair method because we consider them to be inferior and NOT in the best interest of the homeowner.  We feel that a permanent solution is far better than a temporary solution.  Unfortunately, most repair contractors sell inferior repair methods that are very profitable for the contractor but that are labeled as “almost useless” and “temporary” by the structural engineers at A-1 Engineering.

Advantages of Bell Bottom Piers

  • Proven – almost 100 years of proven use in the clay soils of Texas
  • Permanent – built with steel rebar and high strength concrete
  • Single Unit – functions as a single unit which gives it greater strength and stability
  • Load Capacity – able to handle loads (weight) 5.8 times greater than common pressed pile methods
  • Footprint – the footprint or surface area that rests in stable soil is 13 times greater than the common pressed pile methods
  • Resists Uplift – when clay soils become wet and swell in volume the bell bottom will resist the uplift forces of soil movement

Disadvantages of Bell Bottom Piers

  • Longer installation time
  • Higher cost

Most homeowners prefer a higher quality solution when they have home foundation issues.  This is natural because a home is usually the most valuable single asset a person or couple owns in their lifetime.  Isn’t your home worth a permanent and proven solution?  If you think a cheaper solution will work then we suggest you perform an internet search for “lawsuites + company name” or “complaints + company name” and read some of the nightmares of homeowners who paid for low quality repair jobs.

Foundation Problems ?

If you see some of the warning signs of foundation problems, then please call us today for a FREE Foundation Estimate and Inspection (free for homes not involved in real estate transactions).  If you have warning signs of foundation damage – cracked exterior bricks, cracked interior sheetrock, door that jam, windows that won’t open – then we would be happy to visit your home or business.

Foundation Repair in Arlington (214) 234-8421 Free Estimates

Dawson Foundation Repair will obtain all necessary building and engineering permits to begin the process. Both a building permit and engineer report are required in your city.

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